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Large Asteroid Coming Towards The Earth

An asteroid similar to the house coming towards the Earth. Today on Thursday it can cross the globe very closely.
When a meteorite or asteroid started to come in, the scientists began to fold their thoughts on the forehead. They have been able to protect the only human habitation from natural disasters. But they are a bit relieved. Because the asteroid named TC-4 will exceed the Earth by 44,000 kilometers away. If this distance was more than eight thousand kilometers, then only there would be a disaster. Because hundreds of artificial satellite circulating above 36,000 kilometers above the Earth's surface
The asteroid is 15 to 30 meters wide. 

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An asteroid in this shape fell into Chelyabinsk in Russia in 2013. Due to the waves caused by the waves of the windows of thousands of homes broke, glasses were broken and more than a thousand people were injured.
US Space Research Organization NASA Mike Kelly's work is to identify stones in space. He said they are watching TC-4 asteroid for two months. This is not a threat to the world. Even it will not create any threat to artificial satellites. Subject to the world, it will cross over to southern Australia.
Zen of the European Space Research Organization's "Earth-Closet" project in the Netherlands said that five years ago, scientists recognized TC-4 asteroid during the transit of the earth. On Thursday, it will cross the earth again on Thursday. Scientists calculate calculations of asteroids, this asteroid will return again in 2050. It will not create any threat to the world. However, in 2079, it may cause any danger.

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