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Monalisa Moustache Picture Sold For 6 Million Dollar

Renowned artist Marcel Duchamp created the immortal creation of the Leonardo da Vinci. In the face of the Mona Lisa were a mustache and beard. Duchamp was stitched with a pencil that made the beard-mustache. The picture has been sold for seven and a half million dollars. Auctioneer Sadebi confirmed the news.

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The AFP news agency said the film was sold from the collection of US collector Arthur Brand. The auction was held in Paris on Saturday in Paris.

Marcel Duchamp is called the father of conceptual art. The French artist's image was thought to cost 4 or 6 million euros. However, the price was slightly higher than it was later. The Mona Lisa's picture, which was sold on Saturday, was drawn in 1964. Other artworks related to Duchamp are also auctioned. In this box 'A Box In A Suitcase' was sold for 3 million 19 thousand 500 euros.

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