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Thousands of penguins have died due to hunger in Antarctica

Thousands of penguins are starving in starvation due to the thickness of the ice in the Antarctica area due to the thickness of ice in the sea. Environmentalists call it a penguin in the reproduction process. News AFP
In the assistance of the World Wildlife Foundation, a French scientist with the help of the World Wildlife Foundation, the World Health Organization, in the East Antarctica area, 18,000 pairs of Penguin researchers on a group from 2010.

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At the beginning of this year, he found that only two children could survive in the 18,000 pairs of penguins reproduced.
Due to excessive thick ice lining, mother penguins have to go far away to collect food, while at the same time waiting for food for the baby to cause child death. Scientist Koder said that due to environmental changes, the time of procurement of food has changed, due to this disaster.

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