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Saudi Is Not Interested In Talks With Qatar

US Secretary of State Rex Telarons said Saudi Arabia does not have any desire to examine specifically with the Qatar emergency. The US Secretary of State said this amid a visit to Qatar on Sunday. At the time Qatar's Foreign Minister Mohammad container Abdulrahman al-Thani communicated profound worry for the authorizations against them. 

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Amid a joint question and answer session in Doha's capital Doha, Rex Tyleran said he was not ready to say something ruddy in regards to Saudi Arabia on the Qatar emergency. Since they are not willing to sit on the arrangement table to determine this Gulf emergency. He said before that amid my visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia welcomed Mohammad container Salman to take a seat in the discourse to determine the emergency. Yet, we didn't get any reaction from them about the begin of the discourse. At one phase, he stated, we enlightened him concerning our call. Yet, we can not accomplish increasingly or weight any more. Four nations in strategic relations with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain, individually, regarding the psychological oppression participation against Qatar in June. After this, the prohibition on Qatar, water and ocean was forced on Qatar. Around then, the affirmation was raised that Qatar was financing psychological warfare. Aside from having a profound connection with Iran, this confinement gets more level of burden. Despite the fact that foreswearing of these affirmations from Doha, it is said that they have been casualties of 'dark thaba' in global legislative issues. 

On this day, Telaror met with Qatar's Amir Sheik Tamim receptacle Hamad Al Thani. The US Secretary of State called for solidarity to determine the emergency at GCC.

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