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Syria largest Oil Field Is Free From IS

US-backed armed group SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) has taken control of Syria's largest oilfield al-Omar. The oilseed in the eastern province of Deir Az-Yore, Syria, was occupied by IS
SDF spokesman Laila Al-Abdullah claimed that they conducted a major military operation on Sunday morning to take over the oil-oil fields. The IS fled in the operation. Now they are trying to grab the adjacent buildings around the oil fields. The UK-based human rights organization The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also said that SDF has entered the oilfield.

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 Only after the withdrawal of the government forces from the region after the IS attacks a few days ago, the news of SDF's al-Omar was seized. Al-Omar is going to be the source of an important fund for SDF's money to meet the cost of fighting.

Recently, the loyal forces of Assad regime occupy some areas along the west bank of the Euphrates River with the help of the Russian Air Force. During the occupation of al-Omar, the Syrian army was only a few kilometers away. Last month, the SDF occupied some gas field. Earlier this week, the US-backed group announced the capture of Rakha province, known as the IS capital.

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