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This Couple Has Traveled The World Naked

Who does not like to roam! Especially after couples, couples spend their time alone to spend time walking around? Similarly, the Belgian couple has also emerged on the world tour. But without a special thing, they did this tour plan. And that's the dress. Without touching the garment, the social media was heated!
Nick and Linus, the couple started a little unusual. Unknowingly, they had booked a nude steam bath. But the attitudes about the nudity of both of them went around. After that, the Belgian couple decided to roam around the world without clothing.

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It is known that this nude couple has seen countries like Austria, Brazil, Italy, Luxembourg, Croatia, and Greece. According to them, at first, there was little difficulty. But in most places, people invite them back. However, some places have been taunted. The couple, named Nick and Linus, did not get hurt. They naturally accepted nudity.
Meanwhile, Nick and Lins are writing regular blogs about this nude tour. According to them, the unclothed body is natural. It should not be restricted to clothes. Mixing with nature is beneficial for the body.
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