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Upcoming iPhone Folded Display Smartphone

Apple is working on a new iPhone with the folded display. It is heard that the new iPhone will come to the market by 2020. According to a report in the press, Apple has been working collaboratively with LG to bring an iPhone-folded display. The report says Apple is investing in the LG folded OLED display plant.

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In order to develop flexible printed circuit boards called RF PCB, the team has already formed the LG Electronics Unit LG. An industry source reluctant to reveal the name has confirmed in a fact that the folded display iPhone will start selling in 2020. The technology of developing a folded display is the South Korean technology product maker, LG Electronics. Samsung is also ready to create a smartphone and tablet folding display. The report says that Samsung has a potential leak to leak display data, so Apple is working with LG.
But Apple's deal with LG's display is not very new. Earlier it was known that Apple is investing $ 2.70 billion in the LG Display so that the company can deliver a timely display. But Samsung is still the Apple's OLED display provider. Samsung is doing exclusive business with OLED display technology Online rumors have spread that Apple is looking to work with alternative OLED manufacturers. LGE is their only choice. But the folded iPhone is not likely to come on the market before 2020. On the other hand, rumors have been heard that Samsung is working with such a folded display smartphone. The smartphone may come in the market next year.

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