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Three Mile Wide Asteroid Is Coming On December

An Asteroid is a form made of stone that moves around its star. The smallest planets in the form of asteroids are much smaller than Mercury. In the solar system, a mysterious asteroid has been found in the speculation of the scientists about the strange creeps of an asteroid. The three-mile wide range of these asteroids are roaming in the solar system. Russia's astronomers first came up with the mysterious asteroid band.

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Astronomers named this asteroid as the Python 3200. The Greek destructive goddess named Python has been named. The debris of this Python planetarium is enlightening the earth's sky. Astronomers have feared that it is going to give this planet a joke before Christmas.
 According to NASA scientists, the asteroid is dangerous, but they are forbidden to worry about it. On December 17, it will cross the Earth from 6.4 million miles on Earth's orbit. Scientists are not seeing any fear of hurting the earth.
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