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A Tiger Beside Eiffel Tower

You went to see the Eiffel Tower. But you see, a tiger is looking at you a distance or walking around the street. How about That's what happened in the center of Paris at the Fifteenth District. But before anybody did any harm, the tiger was shot dead.

The owner of the tiger is Boorman Circus, who came to Paris only a few days ago. Their show will start from December 3. But the Tiger leave the circus on Friday. Then it started moving around Paris. Locals reported on the road to the south of the Eiffel Tower in the emergency department. But before someone was harmed, the circus people shot the shotgun and killed the tiger.
An eyewitness told France in an interview that it was a really big tiger. We heard two or three bullets. Then I saw the police moving towards a truck.Police later said in a Twitter message that the tiger ran, but the danger was cut off.

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