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Another Galaxy's Unknown Object Has Been Detected

To welcome a new guest in the solar system, various telescopes are rotating around the earth. It may be a new guest, an asteroid, a comet or a meteor or a cosmic creature. NASA said this was the first time that the unknown galaxy of another galaxy was caught in the telescope of the world, which has penetrated our solar system!

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The unknown 'object' that travels to the solar system, caught on October 19, at the Pan-Stars 1 telescope at the University of Hawaii. The speed of the object of 400 meters is quite fast. Astronomer Rob Warrick of Hawaii University first discovered this unknown 'object', named after 'A / 017 / UK1'.
The speed of the object is 25.5 kilometers per second. Astronomers believe that its speed is not the comet or an asteroid.
Speaking in the statement from NASA
"It's very hot, that's why we can say with confidence, it is going out of our solar system and there is no chance of returning."
Some of the other galaxies have no doubt about the big news going into our solar system. Any other creature in the galaxy that will not enter in such a way, who can tell! But there is no mention of the soul of our definition and the soul of the different world that will be the same.
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