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Bacteria Found On The International Space Station Outside

A Russian astronaut claimed that living bacteria were found outside of the International Space Station (ISS). In an interview given to Russian news agency Tas recently, astronaut Anton Shkapalov said that those bacteria found outside of the space station.According to him, 'they came from the outside world and have built a house outside the space station.' In December, a Russian astronaut Tim will be led by Anton Shkapalvev at the International Space Station.
Astronauts often made 'spacewalk' outside of the space station.

During the spacewalk, several samples were collected and collected at the space station. Later, they were sent to the world for examination. Anton said that bacteria that come in the sample that the astronaut collects during a spacewalk.
But bacteria at all, is the villain? National Geographic has given some possible explanations for the issue. According to them, bacteria in some way have been reached from the Earth at the space station. So it is not right to claim that they are the villains. Sometimes researchers take samples of 'bacteria' or micro-organisms from the Earth 's space astronauts at the space station. Outside the world's known environment, it is tried to understand the behavior of those animals in space.
It has been found that the bacteria found in the space station can survive in mineral 150 degrees to 150 degrees Celsius. So it is believed that they went to the space station with a sample taken from the earth.

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