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200 Coins And Hundreds Of Pin Found From The Stomach

Two hundred coins from one person's belly, hundreds of nails, a few blades, glass. Recently they were found in a hospital in Madhya Pradesh's Reva district.
 Sathawala's resident, Maksud Khan, went to Satna Sanjay Gandhi Hospital with unbearable pain in the stomach. After the endoscopy of the doctors, they went to the Taj. The decision was taken for the immediate operation. In the abdomen of Maksud, 263 coins from the stomach, one dozen shaving blades, about 6 inches long rusted iron pieces, four big indexes, glass pieces and hundreds of nails were found. Doctors did not delay late due to severe bleeding in the body of the nail stomach.

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Dr. was led by the team of doctors. Priyanka Sharma, He said, "The patient said that the stomach ache is due to the patient. After the test, we were surprised. It seems like this person has mental problems. Because no healthy person can do such a thing. The family of Maksud said that Maqsood was suffering from depression. It is his daily routine that the food becomes his habit. This is not the case though. Recently, in the Madhya Pradesh, a woman's body was surgically operated by 150 kg hair. Early in Kolkata, one person came out of his stomach with 600 nails
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