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Dubai Police Driver less Car

Members of the law enforcement agencies do not have to wait for the driver to come out for an urgent need. The police will take the car to the place with the name of the destination and take them to the scene. By the end of the year, the police who are trying to get the unmanned police out of the street.

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The organizers said that the introduction of an unmanned patrol vehicle will speed up the work of law enforcement agencies. When one or more policemen of police can get a jump in the car as needed. Followers of the criminals will be easy for them. It is known that this car will not only work to carry the police members, it will also serve as a 'digital detective'. This vehicle will have the biometric software. The database and pictures of criminals will be preserved in this software. At the time of going on the path, all the people who will be seen in front of them will be analyzed at the moment. Then look at the picture in your database. So if any criminal is in front, he will tell the police. It is not the only man but also taking photographs of various objects and analyzing them. Signals only if anything looks suspicious. It does not end here, there will be a projector on the back, if necessary, to throw a drone to take pictures from the sky or to see if there is anything suspicious. A Dubai police official said that they always want to use the latest technology to control the criminals. That's why they leaned towards the carless patrol car after robots, drones, etc. This careless driving car with a Singapore company is being developed.
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