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Emergency Health Alert Issued In Delhi

Delhi's air pollution level, which is known as the most polluted capital city in the world, reached the highest level this Tuesday on Tuesday. The medical association of India has declared the situation as an emergency for public health after covering the entire city from morning to dark smoke.

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The Delhi government also said that they are thinking about the closure of all the schools and colleges. Today some schools will be closed on Wednesday. The city parking fees have been increased four times as an emergency arrangement. Yesterday morning the entire city was covered with dense smoke. Many of the inhabitants of Delhi have said that they have not seen these things for a long time. In all, the situation is very serious, writing to the government in the morning warned about the Indian Medical Association.
The organization's president K. K. Agarwal said that the situation in the state is going on in the eyes of public health. Schools and colleges need to be closed, without the need of urging, especially children and adults, pregnant women or cardiologists. The level of PM-TEN is going on in the city, it is not far from jogging to go to the park until it falls below two hundred, walking is too dangerous, said, Agarwal. In fact, the level of particulate matter was less than the PM-ten or ten micrometers in Delhi's Punjabi Bagh 999-ten times more than the safe level.
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