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Finally IS Clear In Iraq

The so-called militant group has taken control of Iraq's latest city Rawa, controlled by Islamic State (IS), the country's government forces. As a result, Iraq has no control over IS anywhere else. This name is now only a history of the campaign to dream of establishing 'Khilafat' in Iraq.
Hamza Mahmud (13) has witnessed the harsh and ruthless regime of the IS jihadists in the desert areas across the Syrian border in his teen years during the last three years. IS jihadists captured Hamzor city in the year 2014, on the bank of the Euphrates river. Then he could not go to school for a day. Hamza told AFP, "Men should have a long beard during the rule of IS. If they did not, they would have been killed twenty lashes. '

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During the rule of Jihad, 20 thousand residents of Rawa and its surroundings had to witness the cruel rule of IS. Aref Adi (67) said, "For three years, they did not allow us to see electricity, telephone use, and television." On Friday, when Rawa came under the control of Iraqi government, they expressed joy at the release of the release. But the threat of IS still remains.

City Mayor Hussain Ali said that the IS jihadists fled the city without fighting the Iraqi forces operating under the shadow of the US-led coalition forces. Row ruled by Sunni groups had long been the base of jihad in Iraq.
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