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Finally Robert Mugabe Resigned

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe resigned after 37 years of rule. President of the country Jacob Muddenda said that according to the constitution, he gave the resignation letter to the Speaker.

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The 93-year-old leader in a letter said he voluntarily resigned. The announcement of his resignation came at a time when discussions about his impeachment in the parliament are underway. In the last week, the military decided to take over the power and later to resign his resignation. Zimbabwe's leader of Liberty Mugabe has been serving as president since 1980.
After the announcement of Mugabe resignation, the general people came down to the streets of Harare. Earlier, they expressed their happiness by joining the soldiers in the streets on the streets. The announcement of Mugabe resignation was raised by parliament members. When the debate on Mugabe impeachment in the parliament building was announced, the MPs expressed their enthusiasm for standing up from the seats, raising their hands.Zimbabwe ongoing crisis started two weeks ago when President Mugabe dismissed his Vice President Emerson. It is said that Mugabe fired Nangagawa, his wife, Grace, to the country's power. Emerson is quite popular among the country's army. Within a week of dismissal, the army took control of the army.
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