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Helicopter Crashed Into Saudi Prince Dead

The Saudi prince was killed in a helicopter crash near Yemen's border. State television said on Sunday that the accident took place on Sunday night.Prince Mansur bin Muqrin was the deputy governor of Asir province in Saudi Arabia. During the accident, there were several officers in the helicopter.

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Saudi news agency Al-Ikhbaria said the helicopter collapsed with Prince Mansur and associate officials at the local time last night, after returning from a regular search tour. The reason for this is not yet known.Saudi Arabia claims that the Saudi air force has destroyed the sky just before the start of an intermodal missile hit by Yemen on the very first day of Yemen's Riyadh airport.

On the other hand, the incident took place when a massive crackdown on anti-corruption in Saudi Arabia began. The country's new anti-corruption committee has detained 11 princes, four current ministers, and several former ministers. The arrest was started on Saturday in a few hours after the decree of King Salman Khan led by Prince Mohammad bin Salman.Prince Mansur bin Muqrin is the son of another former prince killed. His father Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz, the current King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud's elder brother.

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