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How Much Stronger iPhone X Drop Test

The OLED screen's iPhone X has become gloated worldwide. iPhone fans around the world have stumbled to buy iphone x or iPhone 10, However, the greater the risk of breaking down or splitting the screen in the handset. And repairing expensive smartphones like iPhone Tens will also be costly.
Those who are looking for iPhone TEN might wonder what happens when they fall from the hand? Some popular YouTube channels have recently seen how firmly the iPhone tens saw. Test how hard iPhone tens is through the drop test. And the whole part of this test was captured in the video.

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Everything from AppleTV, Terex's YouTube channel video shows how hard it is to keep the iPhone tens high on the ground and tested it. In the video of the Everything Apple Pro Channel, iPhone Tens has been competing with the iPhone 8 smartphone. In the video, two smartphones have been removed from front to back, from front to back. The iPhone-TEN display did not have any kind of fracture, even though it was removed from the front and back. Even if the screen part is placed on the shelf, the iPhone tens display has no flaws. Even the iPhone 8 smartphone display did not get any spatula.
The video posted in Phonebuff found that the back of the iPhone 8 Plus smartphone was damaged, but there was no damage to the iPhone tens. Everyone thinks that the rear camera behind the iPhone tens has saved the back of the bumper from the damages. And when the screen was thrown on the ground, the iPhone 8 Plus display was damaged more than iPhone tens. Smartphones have been thrown to the ground along the sides of the face and from the height. If the information found in the videos is accurate, then Apple is truly complementary.

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