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iPhone X Failure To Identify Face ID

The special feature of iPhone x is - Face ID The user unlocks the phone with the look and feel of this feature. But recently this feature confused the appearance of mother and son. Faisal failed to identify the difference between the appearance of the face and the shape of the face and the shape of the face with the face of the mother.

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Ataullah Malik, a person posted on YouTube a short video clips of his wife's phone ID Unlocked. Ataullah said that when his wife first set face ID, there was a shortage of light. Perhaps the authentic authentication system could not work properly by taking photos in the room at night. That is why the boy was able to unlock the phone with Face ID.
However, after restoring the mother Sanaa Sawrani face ID in the light, Omar failed to open the phone's lock.
Apple has revealed its new phone feature open time, it is not possible to deceive this Face ID. But it can cause some problems in the case of siblings or twins.
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