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Myanmar Soldiers Did Not Murder-Rape

The Myanmar army denied the allegations of rape, and looting of Rohingyas by Rakhine. Amnesty International called it 'White Wash' when the army's army published the investigation report after the "internal investigation" of the army.
 Although the Myanmar army denied these allegations, the United Nations called the oppression "a real example of racial slaughter" in textbooks. The raging Rohingyas have been shown in pictures taken by Amnesty International High Satellite. In front of the BBC's South East Asia correspondent Jonathan Head, the Buddhist people fired in front of armed police set fire to the Rohingya village.

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In the name of the operation launched against the terrorists on August 25, 6 lakh Rohingyas entered Bangladesh in the oppression of Myanmar army. Many of the Rohingyas who fled in Bangladesh had bullet injuries. They said, the Burmese army and the extremist Buddhist people burned their villages and killed civilians.But in a statement posted on Facebook, the Myanmar army said that they shot no innocent civilian, did not commit sexual violence or rape, no villagers were killed or beaten, villagers did not loot gold, silver, vehicles, livestock. They also denied the allegation of burning the mosque, threatening the villagers and setting fire to the house.They have imposed those liabilities on the 'terrorists' inside the Rohingya community, whom they call Bengalis. The army said that 6 lakh people are entering the country, their terrorists have given this direction and they did it because of terrorists' fear.

We are not sure that this picture is Myanmar Rohingya peoples, we are collected from Google. 

Source BBC

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