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Mysterious Ancient Cities On The Pacific Islands

In the middle of the sea there are many non-existent islands that existed, but now it finds an island - where the ruins of a mysterious ancient city spread. Recently the satellite was discovered in the ancient city of this ancient city.

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The name of the island is 'Nan Madol'. Small island next to the Pacific island of Micronesia on the Pacific Ocean chest. It is known as 'ghostly island' to the residents of Panfi. The word nan Madol means 'intermediate space'. Many narrow canals have passed through the 97 rocky blocks on the island.
The mysterious island is located 1600 miles from Australia and 2500 miles from Los Angeles. There are 97 separate blocks on this island, whose walls are 25 feet long and 17 feet wide.
But who built this city on an island in the middle ocean, it is still unknown. According to archaeologists, the construction of this city started in 1180 by stone and coral in Nan Madol

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