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Mysterious In Egypt's Pyramid

The pyramid is the name of an unforgettable creation of ancient Egyptians. Giza's Pyramid, the oldest and only surviving sign among the world's seven wonders. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built during the rule of Khurfar ruler between 2509 BC and 243 BC. It is also called the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Pyramid - also known as the Great Pyramid. Its height is 147 meters and one arm below 203 meters.

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The wall of the Khufu Pyramid is made of huge stone chains. People knew that there were three chambers in Khufu Pyramid so long. However, a recent study showed that there is a 'mysterious vacuum' in existence outside of three cell walls. Japanese and French scientists recently announced this 'mysterious vacuum' in a declaration after two years of research. They have helped with a method called Mugrugi to confirm the mysterious vacancy.

Pyramid scan has been studied jointly by the French Heritage Innovation and Prediction Institute, Cairo's Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Antiquity of Egypt. In this case, they have used the formula of physics. By entering the cosmic ray pyramid from the pyramid, they came to know about the mysterious spaceships. The scientists from the Pyramid have come to the conclusion that the observation of the important molecular motion of cosmic rays.

In this case, the number of Mune Kone also played an important role. Detectors or indicators indicate that there are no large, permanent stone objects in the pyramid, where more mу particles are absorbed. On the other hand, mole particles have been relatively less absorbed in the areas where there are hollow. In addition to the three phosphors of the Khufu Pyramid, the fourth place of a vacuum has been confirmed by this test.
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