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NASA Found 20 More Earths In Space

NASA's Kepler Mission, once again proved that we are no longer alone in this universe. In search of life outside the solar system, space scientists got some new 'places'.

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And it's not one or two. 20. Everyone who is binary planets The Kepler spacecraft has left the spacecraft to find out if there is a possible place in this universe. It has caught 20 new planets.
In addition to our solar system planets like Earth, Mars, Jupiter, many other planets have other solar systems. We call these planets in other solar systems as 'VineGrant' (Exo-Planets). NASA says these planets are rocky planets like the Earth or 'Rocky Planet'.

The weather also has some similarities. All of them are shaking themselves like any other star around the stars. According to NASA scientists, the world has the most similarity with the name of the planet ViƱa 'KOI-7923.01

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