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Nurses Dance In Hospital

Nurses have to dance in 'obscene manner' to please the hospital's top officials!

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British media Mirror and Daily Mail said the nurses had to dance to please the hospital's high officials. Nurses are going to dance with sexual stimulating gestures to please senior officials of a South Korean hospital. The noise came down after the video appeared in public.
In October last year, at a hospital in Hallam University Sacred Heart Hospital, they were asked to dance with different types of clothing such as short skirts, small pants, tube tops. After the first silence on the issue later posted a nurse's video footage on social media. Then the video quickly spread. However, this is not the first time, it is alleged that nurses were forced to dance after wearing this type of clothing more than once. Not only in front of high hospital officials, but also in front of patients and their relatives in hospital, their 'porn gestures' have to dance to the nurses. Only after being viral through social media has instructed to investigate the incident by the country's administration.
The nurse who left the video footage said to Mirror, 'This is not the first time. Earlier, the nurses were asked to dance in 'appealing' style. The hospital authorities are supposed to take part in the dance show Because they can not refuse it. "He said, 'We were forced to dance in front of our senior officials.'
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