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Old Trump Squat Kim

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will fight again. The new climax was initiated by North Korean leaders. He called Trump 'Old'. Afterward, Trump has thrown Kim as "short and fat".
Earlier, Kim and Trump had provoked each other. Trump has termed North Korean leader as 'crazy' and 'rocket man'. In response, Kim commented on the 'madness' of the US president.

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Kim recently commented that the North Korean state media trump is 'crazy old'. In response to this, Trump tweeted on Sunday in Hanoi, Vietnam, "Why Kim Jong-un will call me" old man "? I did not even call him "short and fat." He also wrote, "I have tried to be his friend (Kim Jong-Un) and maybe it will be someday!"In a press conference yesterday in Vietnam's capital, journalists attracted the attention of the tweets, Trump said that friendship is unbelievable, but it is not entirely impossible. He further said, 'If that happens, I would be friendly to North Korea. I do not know whether it will happen or not. However, it would be very good.
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