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Russia launches Missile Attack Targeting IS Base

Russia dispatches rocket strike focusing on Islamic State (IS) base in Iraq-Syria outskirt The assault was completed close to the city of Abu Kamal in Syria, said the Russian Defense Ministry. 

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The Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday, an announcement from the nation's news office Tas said. It is said in the announcement that the aircraft flew from Russia's domain, Tupolev T-22M3, attacked the IS base by flying over Iran and Iraq. Six long-separate flying machines partook in the operation. The 42-meter-long airship can hit the objective of 5 thousand and 100 kilometers. 
Russia media reports said that the objectives were totally demolished in the operation. Numerous establishments, strongholds, and weapons have been pulverized in the Islamic State of IS. Moreover, their labor and reinforced vehicles have endured colossal misfortunes. 

Photograph of the operation was distributed on the Facebook page of the Russian Defense Ministry. The white-dark picture demonstrates that an IS bearer is heading towards the Syrian-Iraq outskirt. 
Reacting to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's call, Russia is leading an operation in the nation from September 30, 2015.
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