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Samsung Has Joke 10 Years Of iPhone

Last week Apple's desired iPhone Tone came in the market. There is no limit to the customer's interest. On the occasion of the ten anniversary of the iPhone, Apple has opened this phone. And after the start of the sale, the rival company Samsung announces an advertisement video with jokes about the iPhone.

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The video shows a person purchasing an iPhone every year since 2007, but features like storage restrictions, water purifier, headphone jack and stylus are absent. And these features are available on the iPhone before the Samsung phone. And then the advertisers in the advertisement started using Samsung's flagship smartphone note 8.
Lastly, the customer is going to walk happily with the customers standing in line for iPhone tens in the same place.
Samsung is not the first company to compete with Apple's iPhone. Earlier, Huawei and Google released ads by joking about Apple.

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