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Saudi Arabia Has Closed The Border With Yemen

In addition to land along with Yemen, Saudi Arabia has blocked the sky and sea borders. On Saturday, the Houthi rebels in Yemen launched a long-range missile, which was destroyed near the airport of Riyadh. Then the Saudi-led military alliance decided to close the border.

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Saudi Arabia has imposed restrictions on Yemen long ago. But now with the country closed all the borders with the sky, land, and sea. The international military alliance led by Saudi Arabia is cooperating with the government forces in the war against the Houthi rebels in Yemen. But this war has created more tensions recently when the Hutian rebels launched a missile on the Saudi capital Riyadh last Saturday.

Saudi Arabia says Iran has provided the missile to Hutihi rebels. They say it is in addition to the declaration of Iran's war against Saudi Arabia. Tehran denied this accusation. A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said that Saudi Arabia's allegations are unreasonable and provocative. He said the situation is getting more complicated due to such fabricated allegations.

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