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Spent Night With 10 Thousand Women

The legend is called Rick Flair in the wrestling world. He is known as 'The Natural Boy' in the ring. He recently became the headline of the news because of his life. The documentary made by him shows that Rick Flair spent the night with 10 thousand women. During this time 5 cocktails with at least 10 cans of beer.

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Currently, a professional wrestling manager, Rick, was born in the United States on February 25, 1949.

According to Fox News, documentary director Rory Koppf has followed Rick Flair for a long time. According to documentary, Rick Flair spent the night with at least 10 thousand women in 20 years. During this time 10 can beers in the day. With 5 cocktails. Director Rory Koppf in his documentary, in the US Wrestling Business, one of the influential people of the life of Flair It has been said that 68-year-old Rick Flair has been married for four times. But his personal and external world is not the same. According to a report by USA Today, she has gone to bed with at least 10 thousand women. His life is filled with intoxicants of narcotics.

Flair claimed that at least 10 cans beer and 5 cocktails were consumed. While riding on the show from one show to another, used to drink beer and cocktails in the car while on the way. Due to the addiction towards drinking, he went to psychologists. He also told him to take drugs. In response, the psychologist said, 'It is not possible to use drugs in this way.' In 1989, he told the psychologist, 'I used to work every day. So the beer was eaten in the car. I would go to the hotel and I would be happy. '

Recalling his relationship with the doctor, Rory Koppf, the producer of the documentary, "The Natural Boy" Rick Flair, said, "The time I ran to talk to him. He sat in the chair and I used to say lying down. '

Rick, however, got the result of excessive drinking. He went to coma after taking ill in hospital in August last year. His surgery is. However, it can be seen in surgery that his kidney was damaged long ago. The New York Daily News reported that at the time doctors told Flair, that he has the chance to live only 20 percent.

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