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The Cat Got Job In The British Embassy

A cat got a job in the British Embassy in Jordan. Listening to the wrong? Not at all. In fact, a cat in the British Embassy in Jordan has been appointed as the 'Chief Mouse' or 'Major Rook hunter'. Earlier, he had a work experience as a rescue cat.
'Lawrence of Abdun', after the appointment of a fattened black-white cat, his Twitter account was opened. In the meanwhile, the number of followers followed by two and a half thousand.

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The name of Lawrence is named according to Thomas Edward Lawrence. In the First World War, Thomas Edward Lawrence fought against the Ottoman Empire in Arabia. He was also called 'Lawrence of Arabia'. The British Embassy in Jordan, located in Amman's neighboring town, Abdun. From here the word 'Abdun' has come. Last month, the animal shelter was brought from the shelter center of Lawrence of Abdun.

British diplomat Laura Douban of the British Embassy in Jordan said in the tweet, "Besides mousing duty, Twitter has reached to the followers. It is very interesting that British citizens will see the country's embassy in a different way. We are trying to show Jordan's aspects through Lawrence's Twitter account, which is really good, peaceful and prosperous. "He said that British tourists should come here to visit.
Prior to this, last year, a student named Palmerston, who was appointed to the United Kingdom's foreign office to stop rats, said a cat. On Twitter, 57 thousand followers of the cat in one year. The Ministry regularly updated the work.
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