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The Earth Have Only 600 Years Left For Life

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking said that there are less than 600 years of time in hand. It will end in the life of the world. The earth will become so hot in this period that our planet will change in the fire.

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He said this in a video message at the 'Tencent WI' summit in Beijing, Beijing. Stephen Hawking said that the use of energy for rapid bursts of explosion has increased. He is increasing the temperature of warming. As a result, this planet will not be inhabited by a full-fledged fire by the year 2600. As a remedy, the world will have to move out of the alternative.

Such a star has discovered the discovery of Black Hole Theory. There is a star called Alpha Century, which is 4 billion light-years away from the Earth, whose weather atmosphere is similar to our planet. According to Hawking, a small plane of sophisticated technology that needs to reach the Alpha Century quickly, will run at the speed of light.
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