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The Earthworms Born On The Mars The Crops Can Be Grown

Earth-worm 'Red Planet' on the ground of Mars. This is the first. Earth is the earth, but the earthquake that was born in the earth. The soil of the 'red planet', which was created from the beginning of the earth, created two earthworms in the land of Mars. In the coming days, the 'Red Planets' strengthened the possibility of becoming a 'second colony' of civilization. 

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Yet, the soul can still have life, this unprecedented phenomenon, along with the same possibilities, gave strong winds. This is possible by the scientists of the University of Nenanjen and the research center of the Netherlands. Researchers say, whether it is possible for humans to stay tuned and reproduce for long periods of time, whether it is possible to harvest crops or not, due to this, there is some indication of this happening. But to be fully sure about this, more research is needed. But why is the world worried about the phenomenon of the earthworm in the artificially created Mars earth?One of the main researchers and Professor Viger Weblink of the University of the Netherlands's Department of Phoenix University said that the worm can break any living organism. As a result, it can bring back other organic matter to life in the previous organic matter. As a result, the worm creates a cycle and creates it into a biological object. Which is called 'Recycle'.The earth plays a big role in keeping the soil fertile, fresh. Helps the soil become fruitful. So, in the artificially created mangled earth, the crop may be harvested in a dingy place on the moon and 'red planet' in future.

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