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The Real Iron Man

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Iron Man 'is a fictional comic character. Iron Man is seen in the comic book published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by author and editor Stan Lee. Larry developed the character of Libby and outlined artist Don Heck and Jack Kirby. In reality, the 'Iron Man' was actually seen in the legendary role.

In April of this year, the real-life 'Iron Man' was seen in Vancouver's Vancouver Ted Conference. British inventor Richard Browning, after a large number of spectators, flew a special suit after flying out. In reality, six small jet engines and specially designed clothing make it impossible to fly, Richard Browning.
And now, at Laguna park in England, it took 32 miles per hour to fly on the Guinness Book page. Guinness representative Praveen Patel was present on the occasion to witness the record of the bouquet.
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