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Time Person Of The Year Donald Trump

USA World Magazine Time Ownership Owned by Contest Meredith Corporation. Times Square's ownership has changed to $ 2.8 billion in the efforts of Charles and David Coach, billionaire consort of billions of financially conservative policies.

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In addition to New York-based Time Inc's Time Magazine, there are more than 100 influential publications including Sports Illustrated, Travel Plus, Fortune, People and Entertainment Weekly. Time announces 'Person of the Year' every year. Meridith Corp. of the United States did not buy time before trying twice. Economic conditions are not going well after leaving 2014 in Time Warner. In the last November, the time income decreased by 9.5 percent to $ 679 million. This is the last time in the sixth season that has earned less than expected expectations.

Time's chairman John Fahie said in a statement that the cash transaction and the price it is getting was done for the company and its shareholders. There are several local television channels in the United States, including Family Circle, Better Homes Publishing, owned by Meridith. The company said it will get the digital dividend of approximately $ 700 million as a result of this agreement and it will be widely available to young people. According to Merideth, they get 135 million new readers and 60 million users for digital subscribers.As part of the agreement, Meridith Coach Bharti-owned Coach received $ 650 million from Equity Development. Coach Industries owns Charles and David Coach, starting from the oil pipeline business. Coach Industries website has said, co-bourgeoisie and political activism synonymous to millions of Americans. These two brothers have always supported candidates in conservative economics. In addition to reforming the criminal system, the American Civil Rights Protection Agency has donated a large amount to the Civil Liberties Union.
 Many times they may try to influence media in their involvement in buying Time Inc. In 2013, when co-conspirators tried to buy the famous Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, the readers came to the streets protesting.
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