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Trump In Praise Of Chinese President

US President Donald Trump praised the country's leader Xi Jinping as being one of the most respected and powerful representatives of the Chinese people on Friday. After completing his first state tour in Beijing, he praised this. News

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During the two-day visit to China, Trump praised the leader of the country's leaders in various meetings. In these meetings, the US leader tried to convince Xi to reduce trade deficit with China and drag North Korea into a nuclear power. In a tweet, Trump wrote, "My meetings with President Xi Jinping have been very fruitful for China and US trade and North Korea crisis."

During the trip, the trade agreement between US and Chinese companies worth $ 25 billion was signed. However, analysts are of the opinion that there is a lot of agreement between the two countries. Although many years of these agreements have passed, there is no result from them and there is no role in reducing the balance between the United States and China.
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