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Trump Trying North Korea Crisis Solution

US President Donald Trump calls on China and Russia to pressurize North Korea to solve the nuclear crisis. He called on this Thursday in Beijing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He warns, "time is running fast"
Trump said, we should do something very fast. Hopefully, China will work faster and more effectively in solving this problem than any other country.Donald Trump reached China on Wednesday after concluding the tour of South Korea as part of Asia tour.

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Thank you to C China Ping for limiting trade with North Korea in the meeting. Trump He urged him to take further action. Trump said that China can solve this problem easily and quickly. I can say so much about the Chinese President, if he gave a serious attention to the solution, the solution is possible. There is no doubt about this.
Trump will go to Vietnam to take part in the APEC summit this week after the tour of China. There he hopes to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said I would urge Russia's help to deal with possible tragedy.Earlier Trump said that he and C China Ping believe that there is a solution to the nuclear deadlock. Trump, before leaving the country in Beijing, indicated that the diplomatic partner of China wants to pull North Korea closer to the United States.Explaining what kind of solution Donald Trump asks for, the Trump administration believes that China's economic importance on North Korea is a powerful weapon to stop Pyongyang's nuclear weapons and missile programs.

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