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Trump Twitter Account Closes

A Twitter activist of the US President Donald Trump deliberately activated D. One worker, As a result, Trump's Twitter account was closed for 11 minutes.

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According to the standard time timings, whenever someone went to Trump's Twitter account at 11pm on Thursday, saw a message. 'Sari that page does not exist'. Then the speculation started around, why the message of the President's Twitter page shows. After a statement from Twitter, it was reported that the forgery of one worker was temporarily closed for the account. Later, the truth came forward. After 11 minutes down, the trump account was activated. Social media likes Trump to express this opinion to the media. Twitter has 40 million followers.

In fact, on Thursday, the worker's last day of employment on Twitter Twitter has been advised, that their customer support worker has done this work on the last day of his job in his organization. However, no comment was made by Twitter from any activist who did this work.
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