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Upcoming Electric Airplane Soon

To meet the needs of the time, scientists have experimented with jet fuel as well as fuel for fuel like biofuel or gas-to-liquid (GTL). Hydrogen fuel may be used as the ideal fuel for safe air navigation, but in the future, hydrogen fuels may occupy the place of energy, electricity-based fuel.
According to many people associated with the airline, there is considerable skepticism whether hydrogen fuel can meet the fuel demand of the future. As the climate change and availability of fuel decreases, government and non-government organizations are now thinking of power generation as the main alternative to the next oil fuel.Basically, to ensure environmentally friendly green energy, the first thing to think about is electricity. This will reduce carbon reduction to a great extent. Already many countries have made electric power as fuel for cars as fuel. In the same sequence, the power of the aircraft could be made as compulsory fuel.

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But making it as easy as saying it is harder than thousand times harder than it is. However, many multinational companies have come forward to accept this difficult challenge. Airbus is the first European airline company to be listed on the list. Airbus is working jointly with German-based firm Siemens for the power-based air-fuel system.
 Airbus has purchased Siemens's power-based air research program. Airbus has unveiled the great potential of passing the e-fan light aircraft channel in 2015. After that success, the company is now contemplating using electricity-based fuel for long-distance passenger aircraft. But Airbus's biggest success in new fuel-dependent fuels is 'Bhahana'. There will be two propellers and four engines. And everything will run in power. In November this year, the Vahana team announced that they are ready for a very successful test flight soon.

City Airbus has been working with the same goal, who announced their ability to prove their potential in 2018. City Airbus will have the opportunity to transport four passengers simultaneously on this special aircraft, the company said. In this race, there are also other Israeli companies Aviation Aircraft, NASA X-57 Maxwell and Pipistrel Alpha Electro.
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