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The USA Is Trying Provoking With North Korea

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the United States urged North Korea to fortify its atomic rocket program. US Ambassador to the United Nations Security Council Nicky Halley Calls for ties with Korea. 

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Denying the call, Lavrov stated, "We have more help for exchange if the arrangement has not been settled yet." Meanwhile, Nicky Halley stated, If the war with Korea, its authority will be totally devastated. Wednesday Korea has been trying 14 long-run rockets in Korea, guaranteeing that the whole US domain is currently under their rocket. The Russian Foreign Minister demonstrated that the United States effectively took part in the discourse of Minsk in Belarus. It incites the war with Korea. He stated, seeing everything, it appears that everything is done such that Kim Jong Un has lost his mind control to do free work of direction. Americans should disclose to us what they truly need. On the off chance that They need to apologize for the obliteration of Korea as though the US representative told the Security Council that they ought to plainly say. What's more, ensure that the United States has the most noteworthy administration. Aside from China, Russia is among a couple of nations with whom yet. Korea has great relations.

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