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Woman Breastfed Baby Deer Goes Viral

His wounds were hurt when he saw the helpless deer, the helpless deer. Dalchat kept the gourd near him. Since then, the child is fond of loving him. The woman, like her child, sucks deer shoe.

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Recently a famous chef Bikash Khanna posted a picture of a Vishnoi woman in Rajasthan, India in her Instagram. The woman has shown her to suck a deer breed. Posting the picture, it is mentioned as a unique example of humanity. Before that woman has done such work, Khanna wrote in her own post. After posting the picture it became viral from the moment.Bikash Khanna went to Rajasthan for shooting The camera capturing the picture of the deer to the suckling of the herb, he said. This Vishnoi, 550-year-old people of Rajasthan, They worship nature with devas. And the children of nature are deer children.
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