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Yemen War Increase In Weapon Sales In Saudi Arabia

Since Saudi Arabia has been involved in Yemen's war in 2015, UK wepons sales have increased by 500 percent. British media released the information in The Independent.
Independent reports said Saudi Arabia bought 4.6 billion dollars of bombs and missiles from the UK in the first two years after Yemen got involved in war in March 2015. Despite the allegations of mountainous human rights violations and massive corruption in the war, the British government is still continuing to increase wepons sales to Saudi Arabia day by day.

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The United Nations has confirmed that 5295 civilians have died and 8873 injured in Yemen air strikes in Saudi Arabia. Although the organization cautioned, the original number could be many times higher.
After the Yemeni civil war and Saudi Arabia's involvement in it, the country is now the worst event of the monument. The United Nations has condemned the present situation as "a terrible man-made disaster for the moment of remembrance". At least three million people in Yemen are killed during the war, while six lakh people are at risk of serious cholera epidemic. The United Nations repeatedly warned that if the situation fails to improve rapidly, the lives of millions of people will be under threat.
In 2011, the Arab Spring began to surge in one of the poorest countries in Asia, Yemen. Thousands of citizens of the country started protests against the corruption and irregularities of the administration of the ruling President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the capital Sanaa. Saleh, the president of Saudi Arabia, was forced to resign in protest of protests Then came to power in the country Vice President Abdurabuh Mansur Hadi. Hadi government was forced to withdraw fuel subsidies in July 2014. A large protest started. In this protest, in September, minority Hutite rebels formed a coalition with the followers of ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The Shiites-affiliated Hutites demanded to stop corruption and share power within the government.
Once upon a time, they established control over capital Sanatana, broke parliament, and kept President Hadi homeless. Hutite rebels swooped on their palaces from the sky. At one stage, the Saudi-backed Hadi escaped to the southern port city of Eden to save lives. Later, the Hothi rebels slowly established control over the vast area of ​​the country outside the capital.
Saudi Arabia and the international community supported the Hadi government. But in the context of the severe rebellion, this government was once exiled. Then the Hadi government prayed for international assistance. And the main ally of the government comes forward in Saudi Arabia The war with the Arab world, the United Kingdom and France began in Saudi war with Yemen's Hutite rebels. The United States directly led a military attack on the establishment of the Hutihas after the second round of missile attacks aimed at US warships in the Red Sea, although the United States did not directly participate in the war, but they agreed to fight against the Hutites. In this, the United States was directly involved in Yemen's war.
Yemen has started gradually being devastated by the one-on-one air strikes in Saudi-led alliance. But even after two years of war, this coalition did not achieve much success.

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