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Behind The Cyber Attack Korea Is Responsible

This year, WannaCry ransomware malware is an 'immediate response to the digital assault around the world. The US organization has claimed that Korea is mindful. US President Donald Trump's Homeland Security Advisor Thomas Boucher said in the Wall Street Journal. 
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On May 12 of this current year, WannaCry ransomware malware on 150 PCs in the working arrangement of Windows. This ransomware assaults on 3 million PCs with the goal that the restorative, bank part, the exchange is dormant. The loss of billions of dollars is the digital assault. Prior to November, the British government said they were persuaded that Korean propelled this assault. Prior, for the robbery of Bangladesh Bank Reserve Bank, The programmer bunch in charge of the Korea-based laser said the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky. Trump's counsel Thomas Booster asserts that his claim depends on confirm. In the article composed on Wall Street, he said. Korea must be responsible for this. A. The United States will keep on maximizing its weight on Korea to counteract such digital assaults. Be that as it may, he didn't state, the USU What are the plans to make a move against Korea? Tuesday for the assault. The United States is probably going to put forth a formal expression by censuring Korea.
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