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The White House Infected With Rats Cockroaches And Ants

Riot, cockroach, and ants were attacked in the White House by the US President. British news agency- The BBC reports in a report that officials of President Donald Trump told dozens of problems to the White House maintenance workers - including rats, cockroaches, and ants, as well as broken seats inside the toilet.

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From a list of the works and orders of the White House that was collected by NBC Washington, this information is from. It also includes the last year's work order of Barack Obama. Earlier, there were allegations that the mice were provided to the White House by the members of the Navy officers, from where they were found, and in the White House's Situation Room. In the last two years, a few hundred requests were asked to solve these problems.
The US General Services Administration (GSA) supervises the maintenance work. Former Inspector General Brian Miller told NBC Washington, "They are very old buildings. Those who have such old houses know how much work they have at home
The list of these mandates shows that the ants in the dining room are a big problem in cockroach and chief of staff quarters. Journalists work in the press lobby, cockroaches and ants in the kitchen there.
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