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Car Without Steering!

News of self-driving cars or automated cars is now out of date. In addition to Google, many companies have built cars that run manually without the help of the driver. Arriving at the destination without any accident. But there is a steering in these vehicles. Another human driver sat in front of him. Although he does not have to give up steering for even a single time. If the steering is kept in error in any way, then the human driver will be able to stop the car from steering.

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But the autonomous car was actually 'self-reliant' by the United States-based renowned car maker, General Motors. They opened a car without a driver last Friday so there was no seat for the driver. There is no need for driver seats because there is no steering in this car. There are two seats in front of the car, but it is only for passengers to sit. The 'invisible driver' will take the car safely to the destination.
General Motors has been producing cars for the last 110 years. During this period, the company has built more than 1 billion cars. But no one could think of making cars without steering. They did it in reality. The car, which has no driver and steering, has been named as Cruise Automation. Within a year, they want to hire such cars in different cities of the United States, like Raid Sharing Services. In this, the passenger will be given a space and destination from his mobile phone app, and the empty car will run on its own and open the door in front of the passenger. After the passenger gets in the car, he will lock himself in the door and go to the destination. Rent money will be deducted from the passenger's credit card or bank account added to the app.

The company said that there are no human-controlled accelerators and brakes in the car. All will do the car. The passenger will be able to command any direction with the voice command. There is also a touchscreen behind each seat. This screen shows the car going to Google Map.

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