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Scientists Create Artificial Human Eggs

The study started with a joint venture between Edinburgh and New York University, with rats. Cambridge University scientists have made this embryo in the laboratory in March last year. Then they expressed the hope that very soon it would be possible to give birth to the man in artificial means.

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In the case of optimism, scientists have advanced a step forward. In this first laboratory, artificial human ovaries were created by scientists. But they are still at the test level, they said. The research paper published in 'Molecular Human Reproduction' has been published. This method may be useful for those who have suffered from cancer at a young age due to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which have increased the risk of abortion.
 But there is danger! The cancer cells will not go to the next generation, "says a Gynecologist. Edinburgh University scientist Evelyn Telfar claims, "When the ovum is being ingested, there is nothing harmful in it."
 The cells from the ovaries are collected from the 10 women who are in twenty to thirteen years of age. In four different processes, the cell is turned into ovulating. 48 eggs reach the end of the test successfully. 9 eggs in the full state

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