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How Is It Possible Kim Trump Meeting Initiative!

After an invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, after the US President Donald Trump accepted an invitation, the whole world was shocked. Its significance - how extensive is the significance? Analysts are now going through a lot of discussions.

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"When President Nixon met with Chinese Chairman Mao Betong - the significance of the trump-Kim meeting is comparable to him," said US-Korea Institute analyst Michael Maden.This is the first meeting between North Korea and two US ruling leaders. How is it possible? someone says that Donald Trump has the power to make it possible to win the game with dangerous moves. However, the most important player in this political gambling, Kim Jong Un has not said anything yet.

Just a few days before, Trump and Kim Jong-un were Stammering each other. Trump said he would destroy North Korea. Suddenly, the news of the meeting between them suddenly surprised everyone. US Vice-President Mike Pens said it proves that the US has worked hard on policy.The question is, after the news of this meeting, what will happen behind the scenes? There is still little to know about where the meeting will be when it is going to be. The White House has confirmed that this meeting will be held in May. Where will it be? Analyst Madden says this meeting may be in the non-militated village, Panmunjom, between North and South Korean borders. Another working analyst, Korea working group said. John Park said that the meeting may be in China or in another neutral or third country.

Although Kim said he was "committed to the abolition of nuclear weapons" - but analyst Bruce Bennet says it should be remembered that the North Korean leader has repeatedly said he will not leave his nuclear weapons. Apart from this, issues such as the release of detained Americans in North Korea, a peace deal between the two parties and withdrawal of American troops from South Korea may arise. North Korea will surely want to ban the ban imposed on them. But the number of restrictions that can be raised before it is difficult to say.
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