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The Flying Car-The Dream Of Flying Cars Is Real

In the Geneva Motor Show, this company, Pal-V, has displayed the three-wheeled car-cum-helicopter made by them. On the head, there is a rotor or fan, which can be folded like a helicopter. There is also a further propellor on the back side.It has been named 'Liberty' - and while driving on the ground the maximum speed of this vehicle will be 99 miles per hour, and the maximum speed during the journey will be 112 miles per hour. The price of British coins is 2 lakh 68 thousand pounds

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James Bond had a flying car called 'Little Nelly' in the movie 'You Only Live Twice', in the movie Spy Thriller. Such is the Liberty name 'Zirokpter' made by the Netherlands company. However, Liberty is too big and luxurious in terms of Little Nellie. Now the question is, did the dream of flying carrier finally succeed? Paul V. Company Chief Executive Robert DeGemans said, "With Liberty, you can start your journey from the garage and you can go straight to wherever you want to go."
But Harry Holster, head of the Energy Research Center at the University of Lancaster says that with the advantage of the Zirochter, it can fall into very few places. But during the flight, he has to save a speed in front of him. So it cannot fly from the roof of the house. Apart from this, there is a problem of moving it in densely populated areas. Because there is a lot of space around it to rotate its fan. After that, there is a problem of words.

PAL-V is not the only company that is trying to commercialize commercial vehicles. American company Terrafugia has created a type of flying car, which has a fan like a plane, and it can be folded smoothly after landing on the ground. Its chief executive Chris Jaran says, 'The car may be in your garage. After you do this, go to the airport and fly to another airport, then fold your wings and turn it into a car and go to your destination. 'It will cost 20,80000 $ dollars.
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