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There Is Water Everywhere On The Moon

Not in any particular part, there is probably water throughout the moon! Scientists believe that the mission of NASA's Chandrayaan-1 missions and NASA's Rikonsense Orbiter was analyzed. But the water is not easily found because they think they are. According to the report published in Nature Geoscience, it is said that if the last idea is true, then the concept that used to be so long about the moon's water would prove to be 'wrong'.

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Until then, it was thought that only two pores of the moon are possible to get water, there is no water in the rest of the part. New data suggests that there is water in both places, not the two poles. However, this water is not as liquid as water on the surface of the earth. Although water in the world is usually H2O, the water that is being said on the moon is in another form.

Scientists claim that the moon's water is in the form of hydrological OH (OH) in combination with oxygen and hydrogen molecules. The trend of this hydroxyl factor is that it reacts with another molecule. As a result, it is associated with other metals and constitutes a new compound and is located on the Moon.
Scientists are still unclear to explain how this water was formed. Researchers believe that the water created in the conflict between the moon and the moon, However, no claim has been made in this regard. Research is still being done on the information that has been found. Ultimately if the moon is really discovered and it is possible to extract it, it will certainly be a breakthrough discovery.

Vodafone Germany and Nokia have already taken the project to construct four-stage mobile phone towers on the moon. If everything is correct, by 2015, they have expressed the hope that the first towers of the Fourier Network will complete the moon. So, if the water is all the way to the moon, then perhaps in the near future the world will choose the moon as its new colony.
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