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To Save Mankind We Must Think Of Building Settlement On Mars

One of the most familiar faces of current scientists is Michio Kaku He wrote many 'best selling' books on science. And as the speaker appeared on the famous TV channels, such as BBC, Discovery etc. Recently in an interview with National Geographic Magazine, he said that this world will one day be completely ineligible for the living. Therefore, to save mankind from the extinction, there must be a need to build a settlement on Mars.
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There is the debate about how real his statement is. Still, this scientist is firm on his claim. According to him, no matter how much controversy is now, it will prove to be true one day. In his response, "The Fortune of Humanity", he wrote in a clear language that the future of humans is not in the world on Mars. Such remarks made him wonder why he said about the importance of the issue but the present multi-billionaires are giving importance to space tourism. Elon Musk has announced a number of spas tournaments before. Maybe in the future Mars will be sitting in the ballroom dancer.

Responding to questions about the fact that he left the hope of living on earth, he said that so many species of animals have disappeared in the world for various reasons. Everyone should remember that humans are not a special creature to survive a life-sustaining life. It can also happen to other people when it is extinct. If there is no adaptation to the environment, there is no escape from extinction. Many years ago huge giant dinosaurs were also threatened with extinction when they tried to survive. But could not If there were any places to leave the world, they might still be seen.

Michio Kaku said geographical, there were several reasons behind their extinction in the era of dinosaurs. Global warming, fighting the nuclear power and genetic mutation will play a big role in the future of humanity from the earth. This type of organism will be so strong that no antibiotic can control them. When one person attacks once, he will not kill him. The cycle of extinction of many lives from the world is currently going on. One day people will be in the cycle of reading this cycle. So a 'backup plan' will have to be thought of to transfer human to Mars.

However, he said there would be some disadvantages of living on Mars. Apart from breathing problems, there is only about 30 percent of the gravitational force in the world. So if you sweat once in the world, where there is sweat, you can roam in the desert, there will be six to seven times in the Sun!
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