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Barcelona vs Real Madrid The great Thrilling Football World

This is the first time since the end of the trophy festival season before the first El Classico. Yet Barcelona-Real Madrid is the match. The two parties started off with a great start and did not discount anyone. However, Barcelona hosted the New Camp first. Liverpool legend Luis Suarez brought laurels to the host fans on a great note from Sergio Roberto Pass. This is the 30th goal of all Uruguayan striker Barcelona's all-time tournaments in the current season.

However, Barcelona could not keep the spell much longer. Four minutes later, Real Madrid returned to equate the team's best star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Crosse-Benzema-Ronaldo combined with the ball to catch Barcelona's ball in Real Madrid Real Madrid This is Ronaldo's 18th goal in El Clásico. Real Madrid legend Alfredo di Stefano scored the record for most goals scored in the CR seven.
None of the Spanish giants have seen any other goals in the rest of the first half. But the excitement was high. Just before going to the break, seeing the red card, Sergio Roberto has to leave the field. Real Brazilian defender Marcelo had to pay a bribe to deal with dangerously dangerous Roberto turned the team into a 10-man squad. However, Barcelona's best star Lionel Messi has done the task of filling up his fans. Ronaldo scored in the first half What happens if LM does not score a goal? Barcelona's Argentine striker forwarded 2-1 in the second half of the second half with a penalty stroke. This is his 33rd goal in the current season. Cristiano Ronaldo was not on the field at all. Zidane changed CR Seven to hit the first goal in 45 minutes of the match. Essenooy Naaman in the field in his place.
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In the second half of the second half, Spanish midfielder Essenio's great cooperation with Real Madrid equated Gareth Bale. But the team did not meet the goals in the next time.
As a result, the end of the season ends in a 2-2 draw, El Closetico season. Andrés Iniesta's career ended in the final El Clásico draw, but Barcelona has become closer to building a new history. In the first 35 matches of the season, the Catalan team is now unbeaten. In the remaining three games, the Harley-La Liga will be the first team to make an unforgettable unbeaten run in all the matches of the Ernesto Valverde team.
Supporters raised questions about the referee in this match. Apart from Sergio Roberto's red card, the match referee Alejandro Hernandez was forced to show more than eight yellow cards for the two teams. Including Lionel Messi. In addition to the fight of the ball, the fight between the two groups of the players has proven to be the only way.
Apart from Barcelona-Real Madrid, the other six teams, which were played in Spanish La Liga, Alves lost to Malaga 3-0 goals. Espanyol has surprisingly beat Atlético Madrid 2-0. In the other match, Guatemala won 1-0 in the match against Las Palmas.

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